The Coast Of Serenity

Medewi Beach is home to one the longest surfable left waves in Bali, which can reach up to half a kilometre. Its waves are suitable for both beginner and professional surfers. And it is just steps away from your room!

UMADEWI Surf and Retreat is located right in front of Medewi Beach. It is 3-hours drive (approximately 72 km) from overcrowded Bali’s South Coast, offering you a serene Bali atmosphere. The peaceful shoreline with panoramic sunset is perfect spot for your romantic gateway. It is truly a coast of serenity that will charm you all over again.

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Kokos Kitchen
& Bar

An enchanting dining experience under coconut trees complimented by frameless sunset view. KOKOS serves authentic local foods that will satisfy your taste buds while staying in the island. The Restaurant also serve Asian and Western menus, just in case you miss your comfort home food.

Enjoying sunset with a glass of cocktail and finger foods at KOKOS sunset cabanas is experience that should not be missed during your stay at UMADEWI Surf and Suites.

Our refreshing “KOKOS” coconuts are served directly from our coconut trees. If you are lucky, you may experience our gardeners climbing over the tree to pick yours!

Join us for all day dining from 7am – 10pm.

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We are a family-run business that treating our guests as our own family.
Since the beginning of our early operation in the early 1990s, we have been holding to the core of our business strength, which is UMADEWI family.

In late 2017, we re-branding the property & upgrade the quality of the service. Our logogram contains a hidden meaning of family bond. One big tree in the middle to represent the first generation; our grandfather, who dreamt & built the hotel. Two trees by the sides to represent the third generation who would like to expand the UMADEWI family’s value & to create a satisfying wonderful stay for the guests. These trees then form a hidden house shape behind them to underline the idea of family bond and hospitality of UMADEWI.

As the pioneer of Medewi hospitality industry, our people have been the most important asset besides the serene beauty of Medewi Coast. Their genuine and sincere spirit to servicing guests is proven by numbers of family that keep on coming back every year since their early day visit. We are proud to call them family of our own.

We welcome you to enjoy the playful waves, endless sea breeze, enchanting sunset, and, the most of all, your new UMADEWI Family.


Swimming Pool
Take some time to enjoy the sunrise or afternoon relax, slink into our cozy beanbags with your favourite read.

Papers by the Ocean
The spot you may enjoy the ocean view with hundreds of book selection.

Lomi Lomi Spa
coming soon (on progress)

Sun & Stretch – Outdoor Yoga
coming soon (on progress)

The Gym Box
coming soon (on progress)


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